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Conceptualised in South Africa, incubated in the United Kingdom and launched in Gibraltar, Inc. Outside The Box was originally founded by a freelancer in South Africa about six (6) years ago. Whilst practicing and completing her BA Graphic Design degree through the University of Hertfordshire, the founder worked a standard office job within the Financial Industry. Fast forward to 2020, we started moving towards forming the brand known today, Inc. Outside The Box. 

With a foundation set in design, customer service, compliance and the financial industry, our team embarked on making our mark on the art and design industry within Gibraltar. 

We have an array of design options available to you and your clients. This includes, but is not limited to, logo designs, brochures, newsletters, book cover designs, albums designs, marketing or promotional collateral website designs and application development.

Over the past six (6) years, we have been privileged to work with clients within all fields. Admittedly, we take true pride and joy in helping smaller or new businesses form their brand identity. From start-up lawyers to generational organic farmers looking to branch out into a supermarket chain, we have been part of their journey. This however does not mean that we shy away from big companies or advertising agencies. Unshaken, we have designed brands for larger clothing brand companies, leaders within the financial industry and craft beer companies. Small, large, intimate or a network, what remains the same is our passion to deliver interesting and relevant designs to enhance your brand. 

Inc. Outside The Box is a design firm formed around one solid idea: 

Make it simple, but significant - Don Draper
(Yes. We know he is fictional but damn what a good quote)

The art of communication is global and we want to help you, our client, send a message. Be it with a logo, poster designs, book cover art or a simple branded package. This shouldn't be complicated though. It's simply good service. 

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